StarMarine Shipping

StarMarine Shipping was established in 2009 as a subsidiary of Starhigh Asia Pacific, as a means to integrate its processes. Offering long distance sand supply chartering, tracking and transportation of sand, the 10-strong fleet supports reclamation projects from various areas in Southeast Asia to Singapore.

Reinforced by a broad range of auxiliary equipment, the specialist company meets international standards with its quality staff and services. Advancing into the next phase, StarMarine Shipping will also be offering transportation of dry bulk cargo within the North Pacific, Indian Ocean, Persian Gulf and South East Asian regions.

StarMarine Shipping places a strong emphasis on maintaining high standards for health, safety, and the protection of the environment (HSE) across all levels of its operations. This is essential to the company’s commitment to contribute actively to sustainable development. Safety is an integral part of the business and the team endeavours to increase productivity and drive continuous improvement of safety performances.