Star Engineering United

Incorporated in October 2016, SEU was established as the engineering subsidiary to support Starhigh’s expansion into engineering, design and construction projects.

With the growth of the parent company, there is an increasing need for more professional engineering services and innovative construction methods to meet the booming economic demand of Myanmar.

SEU further develops to specialize and focus on hydrodynamics modelling and simulations, infrastructures design and construction and environmental engineering. We believe in sustainable constructive solutions that are designed to integrate the hard structures with the natural environment where both the natural biodiversity can flourish within the built environment.



Dredging & Land reclamation

New lands are created for recreational, residential and commercial purposes and SEU continues to improvise the local techniques to reclaim land from the sea and rivers. We thrive to implement the most cost-effective solutions specifically designed for each project to meet the requirements of our clients.

Reclamation projects pose unique challenges and requires thorough studies to be able to offer the best solutions to our clients. We continue to research on new technologies and breakthrough materials to optimize the land reclamation operations, tailored to our clients ‘needs and budget.

Shore protection

We offer solutions to protect coastlines and off-shore construction projects against damages caused by tidal fluctuations and damaging wave action. Specially designed defense structures are being implemented and constructed to protect coastlines from further deterioration.

Hydrodynamic modelling

By modeling the hydrodynamics of any water bodies of project sites we can understand the surrounding environment of our work area and find the most appropriate and effective work approach.

It gives us the ability to consider the natural hydro characteristics and possible impacts, we can predict how proposed developments might change and influence the environment with mitigation such as revetments and shore protection structures.

We focus on providing accurate data collection for tidal water levels, water quality, currents, sediment concentrations and depositions and wave actions.

Project Management

We believe a project’s success is built on a well-structured management plan that will guide a group of knowledgeable people throughout the operations of a project. Communication, safety and environmental considerations are highly regarded within our organization, to set international standards throughout our organization and operations.

Biodiversity Consultation services

SEU aims to build a green business by proposing to integrate environmental solutions where possible. Our biodiversity consultation services offer a scientifically supported approach to study the flora and fauna in and around project areas. After surveying the area for a predetermined period of time, an impact assessment is done to define highly vulnerable ecological systems and important biodiversity, whereafter mitigation measures are proposed to be implemented to avoid further decay of certain ecological systems and encourage to enhance the richness in biodiversity.

Monitoring services are provided to analyze the impact of the mitigation measures and to provide data on the impact of the construction. During the monitoring, extra mitigation measures can be advised or existing measurements can be amended to protect the biodiversity.

We engage highly skilled professionals to conduct the study and lead the flora and fauna surveys, this is to maintain a high standard throughout our studies.

Specialists involved are qualified arborists, botanists, overall fauna specialists, bird and mammal specialists and butterfly and odonate specialists.

We have further developed aquatic survey’s to also cover streams, wetlands, lakes, reservoirs and coastal waters to be able to provide a full packages of biodiversity consultation services.

Environmental solutions

Where the natural environment plays a more important role, we seek to integrate natural solutions and define areas of high biodiversity to avoid ecologically important zones during construction. Pre-existing natural elements would be emphasized thoughout our design to merge construction and nature into one delicate materialization.

We use biological, ecological and sociological parameters to study the impact of the works we want to implement. Our focus is to blend construction naturally into an existing environment where both nature and human can benefit from each other in sustainable ways.



Star Engineers United has been brought to life to support Starhigh’s expansion into engineering, design and construction projects. With our unique views on integrating sustainable solutions into all our capabilities and core businesses, we aim to provide stable support for the whole organization and its projects.

Our organization is built on a strong foundation of knowledge throughout the key members of our team. They are the steel structure of our operations that lead our young team to successful projects and solutions. The strong knowledge and experience of our project managers is used as a key component to guide our younger and highly educated team of engineers.

We believe a good organization comprises a well-balanced team of young and dynamic employees combined with experienced key members. We train and empower our young members to lead and take ownership in whatever they do, including the soft moral values and life philosophy into our hard engineering work. The younger team members will bring in the latest knowledge and technology which is a well-balanced combination with the longtime experience of our senior project managers. By giving good guidance and support our team with knowledge, we strive to provide an energetic and motivational environment for everyone within our organization. Motivation is key to success.

We advocate continuous learning to keep-up with the fast growth of new technology within our engineering business. We believe in knowledge is power.

As an engineering company we are always looking for ways to improve our methods and analyze processes to improve. That is why we research innovative techniques and ideas and try to implement these ideas in to our work processes. BETTER, FASTER and more PRECISE techniques are searched for and tested.

As a company, we work hard to achieve results through successful projects but we never forget our social responsibility. It is our duty to share successes around us, therefore, we put our knowledge into practice and try to give back to communities in Myanmar by constructing schools and housing for local villages. We use our expertise and give our employees the opportunity to learn the physical aspects of construction by letting them help with building the facilities.

As a subsidiary of Starhigh Asia Pacific we use the motivational quote to inspire our dynamic team. We are not only reaching for the sky, we are REACHING FOR THE STARS!