About Us

Founded in 2006 by aspiring entrepreneur, Mr. Si Thu Phyo, Starhigh Asia Pacific has progressed to become a prominent player in the sand supply industry. From humble beginnings of a 6-man strong team, Mr. Si Thu has effectively developed the business into a respected market leader with close to 350 staff and affiliates in Singapore, Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam. Capitalising on available resources and business opportunities, the company has strategically expanded its business to cover various subdivisions of the sand supply chain, offering dredging and discharging services with Star Dredging Pte Ltd and StarMarine Shipping Pte Ltd respectively. Leveraging on key networks, the business has also grown to include real estate and general trading with Starland Developments and Star Global Distribution Pte Ltd. It has continued plans to expand into marine construction, focusing on river channelling and engineering works in Southeast Asia.

The company’s ethos that underpins its overall operations and office culture is encapsulated in one phrase, “Make It Happen”. A strong belief in alternative solutions and multidisciplinary problem solving techniques, ensuring that no staff feels that a task or challenge is not achievable, Starhigh simply makes it happen. It is with this philosophy that the company has achieved its successes in a short span of time. Aware of its ecological footprint, Starhigh Asia Pacific is also committed to operating in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.